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Yoga is (so much) more than exercise.

It’s a practice. A mindset. A lifestyle.

And it can transform your life.

Whether you’re just starting your Yogic journey or have been at it for years, you know deep in your core that your Yoga practice is helping you be a better person.

It makes you feel more connected, more balanced, more grateful.

And now you’re ready to go even deeper. (And I’m not talking about your back bend!)

Don’t get me wrong, asana (pose) is amazing, but I’m talking about zooming out and looking at Yoga as a whole, so you can bring even more yogic goodness into your life.

Introducing, Svadyhyaya Sessions.

Sva = self, dhyaya = study


Svadyhyaya Sessions are where the physical and intellectual aspects of yoga join together to create a more meaningful life for you and those around you.

Yoga is comprehensive. It’s about more than moving your body through a series of poses. It’s a combination of breathwork, meditation, alignment, compassion, focus, and equanimity. There’s so much rich history and philosophy behind it that we don’t often get to discuss on during typical classes.

If you’re loving Yoga on the mat, then there is no time like the present to take your practice deeper.

Svadyhyaya Sessions allow me to explain the concepts that we only touch upon between downward dogs and by learning more you enrich your practice and in turn, your life.
I always strive to give my participants

  • Context. so you know how a particular text/school/person fits into the “bigger picture”. I’m not the kind of teacher that is going to throw a bunch of facts at you and expect you to remember every detail.
  • Academically and historically sound wisdom.  I’m not looking into a crystal ball and coming up with random connections to share with you.
  • Deep respect and sensitivity for all. This includes the participants as well as for the perspective and practices of the traditions themselves.
  • Connections to modern day life. This is all about taking ancient yoga teachings and using them in your everyday life to live your happiest, healthiest life.

Svadyhyaya Sessions give you the opportunity to allow the yogic wisdom to light up your practice and your whole life.


Ready to dig deeper?

If you’d like to bring Svadhyaya Sessions to your studio, Contact me!.

I attribute my love for yoga to Gabi wholeheartedly, and I hope she continues to spread that love to others.”
– Giselle