Yes, I had kept active during the past 20 years–first by taking and then by teaching aerobics, line dancing, and adult school exercise classes. However, for the last 5 years, since my battle with breast cancer, I had become a lazy slug. Friends told me to try Gabi Percario’s Yoga classes at Eclipse.At first I was hesitant about trying Yoga after such a sedentary existence.  “Good grief,” I thought, “it might be too hard for me now that I am a senior citizen!”  Difficult or not, I was determined to give Yoga a try–and I am so very glad I did!

Before our first class, I sat on my mat trembling in trepidation. As our instructor Gabi Percario entered the studio with her friendly smile and easy rhythm, my fears subsided. She began the class with gentle words of encouragement, teaching each pose, and showing and explaining modifications if needed. “Yes, I can do this thing,” I thought; and because of her, I did!

Age is not much of a hindrance if one practices often–especially if Gabi is the teacher–and I try to attend each of her classes.  What have I gained from practicing with her?  First, although I am not quite 5 feet tall, I feel much taller–well, at least I know I have better posture. Also I know I have become much stronger and more flexible than most women in my age group.  Finally, I even feel much calmer during those stressful senior moments. Ooooommmmm….

I whole-heartedly recommend Gabi as a Yoga teacher! She models, encourages, gently persuades and challenges each Yogi–of any age –during every minute of every class!  Enjoy!  Namaste!

Best regards,
Jackie Salisbury


I love Gabi’s classes because she takes her time to really connect with who comes into the class. Not only does she connect me with my body, I’m able to find a balance in my spirit that I just can’t find anywhere else. I attribute that mind-body spirit with the way that Gabi leads her classes.

Ever since I walked into my first yoga class with Gabi, I couldn’t get enough. After two weeks of classes, I saw a change in my body. My posture was the first thing I saw improve. She teaches how to stretch your body in a way that brings peace and calm. I’ve found that I am able to control my breathing in class, and most importantly, outside of my practice. When you leave the room after you practice yoga with Gabi, there’s a sense of reward and self worth that is imbued for the rest of your day, and that beauty and calmness translates in a much bigger way in the scope of my life. I love the way my body and spirit feels when I walk out of class.

I love Gabi’s approach to finding the limit and exploring the space within your own self – that translates into body, spirit, and soul. There’s a newness to who you are and a joy for the gift of live and who you are that I’ve found from my very first yoga class with Gabi. I recommend trying a class with her. She’s the best.

My yoga practice has absolutely changed the way I live and the way I treat and love my body. Had I not taken a class with Gabi, I wouldn’t have found this new challenge and joy. I attribute my love for yoga to Gabi wholeheartedly, and I hope she continues to spread that love to others. She is my absolute favorite teacher. Without a doubt, I would recommend Gabi to anyone looking to start or continue yoga.

I found my lifetime love for yoga through a chance yoga class I took at a gym. If you’re wondering how you can enjoy the facets and beauty of your body, or even looking to just slow down your day with a moment of thanking God for the gift of life, take Gabi’s yoga class. I’ve taken many yoga with many instructors and there is something I enjoy with Gabi’s class. Don’t let yourself hold you back. Push forward and see where you are, and look forward to where you could be.

Sent with love —



When I first started yoga, I wasn’t sure which style of yoga i would like. I knew I wanted it to be spiritual, relaxing and make me feel good. I didn’t want it to be just an exercise class.  Since taking Gabi’s classes, my body has gotten stronger, more flexible and toned.  I love myself more every time I practice yoga, it brings me closer to my source…love.

I love her voice, her spiritual references and her flow from one asana to another. I love how she asks us to engage muscles although it makes it so much harder!

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Gabi as a yoga teacher.  She’s awesome.  Soothing voice, patient and sends out such loving vibes.  She’s so evolved for such a young person.  I’m so grateful to know her.

Lisa G.


I have been a student of yoga on and off for many, many years. In all that time, I have never studied with a more wonderful instructor than Gabi. They say that excellent teachers are born, not made, and Gabi proves this theory to be true. She is professional, yet friendly; serious, yet fun-loving. Every one of her classes is different. She keeps us on our toes (and sometimes on our heels!).  She teaches to all levels of students in the group, making it challenging for advanced students, while basic enough for beginners.

Gabi teaches the asanas with intention. She explains the muscles and joints involved, reminds us to focus on our breathing, and provides insight into the physical, mental, and energetic benefits of yoga.  Gabi’s classes are the high point of my day, and I leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized.

Susen E.


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