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Imagine feeling more grounded, open, inspired and alive.

Today’s group style classes are certainly fun and they create a great sense of community but there is nothing like the personalized attention that a teacher can give you when you work on your own.  It facilitates smart and sustainable progression  so that you can practice safely and joyfully.

The majority of students find that one-on-one yoga instruction, dramatically enhances their relationship with their own practice. If it is your wish, these sessions can feel more like a discussion than a silent flow, accommodating your questions, goals and experiences.

This is where I see the most awakening in my students and it is why this is my favorite asana offering.

So whether you are just starting out and want to get the basics or have been practicing for years and want to understand a pose you have been working on/refine some of the more subtle aspects of your practice, you will undoubtedly benefit from such individualized attention.


  • Learn asanas at your own pace
  • Practice proper alignment and techniques
  • Modify for specific injuries or limitations
  • Learn more about your own breathing habits and how to fine tune these
  • Create a safe place to experiment with new things (poses/pranayamas/meditations)
  • Deeper and more profound experiences than are possible in public classes
  • Address specific questions & needs
  • Master a challenging pose
  • Set a scheduled time for your class that works for you

The Nitty-Gritty

All sessions are customizable. A typical session includes:

  • Opening: centering/meditation
  • Breath-work instruction
  • Customized yoga asana sequencing and guidance
  • Restorative shavasana experience
  • Closing meditation or centering
  • Recommendations for home practice on the days that we do not meet

Since taking Gabi’s classes, my body has gotten stronger, more flexible and toned. I love myself more every time I practice yoga, it brings me closer to my source…love.

– Lisa G

Private yoga sessions are an investment in your health, your well-being and your connection to your spirit. They are the perfect gift to yourself or to someone else.

Gift certificates available on request.

Ready to start working with me? Great!