Local Love

Local Loves

Iris Bachman — photographer

gentle, free spirit (the name suits her) // her work is as breathtaking as the form that this goddess assumes.


Max Becker — web designer & developer

you like this site? // Director of Blindhack // understands my quirky humor & I’ve got-ta love him for it


Susen Edwards – licensed massage therapist

Intuitive touch // a warehouse of knowledge // one of my oldest students! (Not by age but by years in practice)


Michael Perrotti — an ancient yogi sent from a heavenly realm posing as the local butcher.

(I’m a vegetarian. I know! Life is strange.) Michael supports me in everything I do. Not only am I a better person because I wake up to him each morning, I’m also extremely well fed thanks to Perrotti’s food that fuels me for all of my yoga teaching.


Joe Percario – honest, reputable 59-year-old home remodeling company

owned and operated by my loving pops!