Schedule of Class


Gabriella offers weekly yoga asana classes that will calm your mind, leave you strong yet supple and most of all, uplift your spirit.

Yoga at the Nest

“like being lead through a home practice” experience the beauty of small semi private classes from Gabi’s personal practice space 

Tuesday 4:30-5:15
Friday 12 PM Yin Yoga
Saturday 9 AM

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Public Classes
Onyx Yoga Studio
Wed. 6:30 PM
Thurs 5:45 PM (warm)
Fri 9:15 AM (warm)

Three Birds Yoga
level one classes:
Tuesday 12:15
Wednesday 4 PM
Saturday 11:15


She began the class with gentle words of encouragement, modeling each pose, and showing and explaining modifications if needed. ‘Yes, I can do this thing,’ I thought; and because of her, I did!

– Jackie Salisbury

(available for group & private instruction)


A Sanskrit word often translated to mean: “to place in a special way.”

In this style of practice, the placing of the body in the poses is linked with the breath. (That’s what’s so special about it). Because of this, you will flow from one pose to another. Like home-base, downdog will be returned to frequently throughout this practice that on any given day, will include a combination of forward bending, twisting, inversions, hip and shoulder openers.


For beginner – lifelong practitioners, that are not looking for rapid-fire chaturanga/updogs/downdogs but still want a rich, transformative yoga experience.

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding this term so let it be known that most all yoga we see today is actually hatha yoga. However, on a class schedule the term “hatha” is used to set it apart from other styles such as Vinyasa, Power Yoga or Ashtanga. The pace is not quite as rapid but this doesn’t mean that a hatha practice is lacking in intensity. Gabriella’s hatha classes are challenging and deep. You will explore postures, breath practices and meditations that encourage energy channels to open so that prana can flow freely through the body.

Yoga For Athletes

Yoga is the ideal compliment for any athlete looking to increase strength, stamina and flexibility. These classes are effective, deep and accessible.This targeted practice will open up sport-specific induced tightness, increase functional mobility and breath awareness (as you learn how to use your diaphragm). Together, this will enhance your athletic performance, allowing you to show up with your A-game on training days, reduce the risk of injury and you will experience shorter recovery time. These classes are designed to be straight-forward enough that those that struggle with flexibility will thrive, but challenging enough that even the most flexible person will reap tremendous benefit. If you do a lot of strength training, you already know that you need this. Its just plain good for you. Leave this practice feeling challenged and accomplished, strong and supple.


Part of optimal health (and a truly “advanced” yoga practice) is paying attention to the call for quiet and making it a real priority, like it’s something that matters to you.This is a gentle practice that encourages stillness in poses for an extended period of time. We use props like blankets, pillows, bolsters, straps & blocks to fully support your body so that you can relax into the most nurturing space. It’s kind of like adult nap time. (OK, that’s a bit exaggerated, but this will totally improve your quality of sleep). This is so much different than other ways we try to relax ­ like watching TV or even going to bed at night with our phones next to our beds thinking about all there is to do the next day. There is no input here. For your body, your mind, your sanity and your humanness: come for a giving, nurturing practice that will leave you feeling, whats the word? Restored.

I am very intuitive but I don’t have a crystal ball. (OK, I might at home but I don’t actually know how to use it)

If you are pregnant, recovering from an injury/surgery or are experiencing pain at any time, please do let me know (ideally, before practice) so that we can effectively accommodate your needs. In such cases modifications should be made. I’m experienced in all of the above and can certainly help you so long as there’s open communication about your experience. Even in public classes, personal attention is absolutely possible & necessary.

Re-ignite your spirit that savors this wildly precious existence