Before she could even say “down dog” Gabriella was introduced to yoga and meditation by her grandfather who was a devoted practitioner. Inspired by his way of life, she committed to her own practice in 2003 and has “continually been blown away by the ability that this practice has to determine and deliver us what we need in each moment.”Gabriella has built her reputation as a teacher that creates a yoga experience, rather than the benefits just being limited to a good workout. She specializes in the use of straightforward sequencing to sharpen the finer aspects of yoga alignment and breath work.

With her soothing voice and encouraging demeanor, her classes have students of all levels feeling challenged and capable, strong and supple. Classes are typically a moving meditation as the breath is linked with movement and she has a keen awareness of the ability that alignment adjustments have to move practitioners to greater depths. Inspired by her teachers Shannon Elliot and Amy Mead, her classes incorporate special attention to the Universal Principles of Alignment as a way to progress rapidly and safely, and to develop integrity and mindfulness.

Gabriella’s personal practice extends far beyond the mat. She is receiving her Masters degree in Contemplative Studies from the Rutgers Graduate School where she focuses on classical Sanskrit texts, eastern philosophies and religions and the transplantation of Yoga to the western world. Her mentor, world renowned Indologist, Dr. Edwin Bryant is overseeing her thesis defense that will take place this coming Fall. In addition to asana classes, she shares her knowledge and love of Yoga philosophy through her workshop offerings. Gabriella feels “ridiculously lucky” to have the gift of sharing this practice of yoga with other people.

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